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At FTA DevBase we are always striving for the best, and we are always improving the work-life balance for our people. That is what we offer:

Remote work

Will I need to go to the office?

LATAM Candidates

No, not ever. We are a fully remote, distributed company. Unless there is an exceptional request from your client and you totally agree with that.

VietNam Candidates

Although we are a mostly remote, team members in VietNam like going to the office 2 or 3 times a week.

Do I work from 9am-6pm? What time zone?

For the most part! Although we have flexible working times, those are the standard working hours for all LATAM countries, since they are inside US time zones.
We always encourage collaboration with other team members and stakeholders which is why 9am-6pm is generally the working hours.
However, there is flexibility to work earlier or later as long as you’re attending the sprint ceremonies and available when the rest of your team is.
BTW: 9 to 6 includes lunch break 🍽️

Do we work on Saturdays?

NO! Unless your contract includes some sort of on call schedule (which we have yet to need) 🗓️
Bare in mind please, that sometimes projects gets stuck 🙃, production goes down 👎. Depending on you role and other factors, you may need to support the team. If that is the case however, we encourage you to take it easier on a slower day of the week to compensate. 😄


Is the payment in local currency?

No, we will always pay your salary in USD.

When will I get my payment?

Payments are sent at the end of each month and generally arrive between the 1st and the 10th of each month.
In some cases the first payment gets delay by banks, but is uncommon.

Where can I receive my salary?

We use for payroll. You will see your payment the 3rd of the month, and from there you can transfer your payment to the following platforms:
Any Bank account under your name
Coinbase (for BTC and ETH)

Is my salary value gross or net?

What you have negotiated and is under your Job Offer and Contract, is net. Meaning this is what we will transfer you to you account.

When will I get another salary review?

The first contract usually shows what was agreed during the hiring negotiations.
Our standard process includes a 10% increase after the first 6 months. Some cases have other options.
We do have increments after every 6 months, but those are negotiated case by case by performance and opportunity.

It’s free for me?

Yes! we assume the costs of it. Although be aware in case the service you use has a funding fee (like Payoneer, with a 1%)

13th Payment (aka Aguinaldo)

Do we have an Aguinaldo?

Yes! we offer 13 compensation a year, to match better LATAM best practices. Your Job Offer and Contract will define when you get this paid, but it is usually paid once a year.

Why I don’t have that on my contract?

Some cases were negotiated that way!

When do I get this paid?

It gets added to your 12th compensation together with that monthly payment. This bonus is not prorated under any circumstance.


After a year working with you, will I have to sign another contract?

You will have to sign amendments to that contract inside , that will reflect any given update, like salary reviews
But most cases your contract by itself, is long term, without an end date.

After a year will I get find myself out of job?

Most likely no, your current contract will not end after the 12 month, it will continue until it’s terminated or, in case we determine a new salary plan for the next 12 months we will sign a new contract amendment with these new terms.


What is a PTO?

It stands for Paid Time Off. You can read more

How many PTOs do I have?

24 PTOs a year in your bucket! YES, almost 5 WEEKS😍
You can take it at your discretion but follow the process for letting everyone know
You may use them to match your local or US holidays
You may use them for your vacations, birthday or whenever you need
Christmas (Dec 24th and 25th) and New year’s eve (Dec 31st and Jan 1st) do not discount here 🥳!

How are these PTOs accumulated?

Accrue: The ratio is 1:2. For each worked month, you accrue 2 PTO days.
If you started 📆 Sep 1st, for Dec 1st you’d own 6 PTO days 🥳 , since you worked 3m.
You can start using them right after the 1st month
Some exceptions apply such as PTOs agreed to during the hiring process

How can I take my PTOs?

Anticipation rules: the more continuous days you want to take, the longer the anticipation
Up to 2 continuous days: 4 workdays ahead
Between 3 and 5 continuous days: 7 workdays ahead
Above 6 continuous days: 10 workdays ahead
Before using the internal form to submit your PTO requests, don’t ⛔ forget to have a writing approval from your manager.

How can I take my PTOs, if I negotiated vacations during my hiring process?

Lets say you negotiated a 5 days PTO during your interview, and that you are taking these after 20 days in the company: technically you have not accrued/accumulated any PTOs yet.
But no problem, since it was pre negotiated.
It would be ideal for you to wait a least 3 months until you take the next PTOs. This way, you would have accumulated 6 PTOs and we are all even 🤓
If not, then these PTOs are unpaid and will be deducted from your first payment.

Is a national holiday in my country, how can I take my PTO?

You can take your national holidays following the standard PTO process described above. Please confirm you have accumulated them previously. If you haven’t ask for an exception.
And always, confirm it with your managers

Is a national holiday on the Client side, what should I do?

You can take that national holidays too, following the standard PTO process. Sometime the client request the team to take it, sometimes it’s the same.
Try always to confirm it with you manager (Pro Tip: Add your to your calendar!)

Personal Development Budget (PDB)

Every Team Member has 1,000 USD a year, that can be use for your personal development, whether it is yoga, learning Cantonese, or getting those AWS certifications.
We have covered the following usages:
English lessons (also Chinese, German or whatever, although we think English should be the top priority)
Gym or any fitness
Studies or Trainings
Health Care (Monthly Plan only - No meds)
Internet Provider
Mobile Carrier
Wellbeing sessions
Child or Parental Care
Streaming Services
Software Licenses

How can I request the reimbursement and when it’s paid?

We have an internal form to log it, and then add it to to get it reimbursed. It will be paid during the approved month.

Equipment/Remote Work Budget

What does the Equipment/Remote Work Package budget cover?

We can cover up to 💰 1,500 USD one time only ⚠️. But can be recheck if you have been a while ⏲️ with us! So far is every 3 years.
We have covered the following usages:
Laptops or desktops computers
Headsets, microphones or webcams
Desks and chairs
Keyboards and mouse

How can I request the reimbursement and when it’s paid?

Same as with Personal Development expenses.

What happens to the Laptop if I quit or get terminated?

If you quit or in the unlikely case your contract gets terminated, and, if 12 month did not yet passed since your signed your contract, then we we will request the return of the reimbursed value.

What exchange rate should I use to fill the reimbursement form?

For most countries, you should use the official exchange rate from the day you paid it cash, or when you paid the credit card.
Please find below country exceptions:
Argentina: unofficial seller exchange rate from sites like (Historic old values

Termination notice

Can I get laid off like a contractor?

No! We have at least a 4 weeks notice.
We will do performance reviews, coaching sessions and trainings before getting to this point 🙏
In the rare case we’d need to terminate asap, then we paid one month payment in compensation.

What happens if the project I’m working on slows down?

Good news is that DevBase is growing quickly! We constantly have new projects starting. In our history we have yet to be in the situation where we couldn’t find another project for our people.

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