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Venezuela's candidates

Given worldwide sanctions against Venezuela there are many payroll platforms that are compliance and can’t hire people.
our payroll platform is one of them, so at a first glance we contracts and handle payroll for Venezuela’s new hires through them.
In order to fulfill our vision of supporting, promoting and hiring talent in emerging countries, while also keeping a balance with the internal efforts and manual tasks associates to handle these cases, we have found the following workarounds to be able to hire candidates from Venezuela:
If you have another country citizenship, like from Spain or Italy, you can use it when signing up on 💚
You can go to any third country like Colombia or Brazil, where residence permits for Venezuelan are very frequent. Once you have that residence permit, you can sign up in
⚠️Interesting article
Create an Upwork account where we can pay you fixed monthly compensation. The only downsize is that their fees are around 10% (see ) and we can’t cover for them. This option

While you try to get the options listed above☝️, we can temporary work with these options

Create a manual contract (outside ) and transfer monthly funds to a US Bank account or an international Bank account through a SWIFT bank code
Create a manual contract (outside ) and transfer monthly funds to a Payoneer account.

Blackouts 🚫🔌

Taking in consideration the frequent blackouts going on in Venezuela, we have been forced to hire candidates that have invested in the following infrastructure backup plans:
At least Private ISP (VNet, Digitech, Movistar, etc)
At least 1 UPS with 5 hours for the routers, modems and computers
An AC generator is preferred on most frequent blackout cities and neighborhoods.

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