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Create a Calendly!

Get a free account to ease meeting with you!
It’s a great for people like us with multiple calendars: personal, your current company’s and even the client’s one to say at least.
We found that the best way is to:
Create an account with personal Google email SSO
Share your personal, client’s and any other calendars to your personal as editor/owner, as you can see 👇
Set up on Calendly, to check for conflicts for all those calendars.
This way you reduce the chances of getting an invite when you have a doctor’s appointment already scheduled.

Google Meet

Select “Location” here 👇 so Calendly creates a Google Meet link automatically for every new meeting
Captura de pantalla 2021-08-27 120342.png

Calendly and multiple Google Calendars

🔴This is a Workaround to have Calendly check for scheduling conflicts with all the Google Calendar accounts you want to check,

Share your work calendar with the highest permission to your other calendars: personal, client’s, etc. So it’s easier to edit from anywhere.
Oscar’s calendar is just as example :-)

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